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Kamis, 12 Februari 2015

{SAP JOBS USA:142846} Urgent Need :: ETL Data Warehouse Architect Profile :: St. Paul, MN

Kamis, 12 Februari 2015

Hi, Please send Resume to    ankit.kumar@idctechnologies.com   Please let me
know if you have anyone for this opening. This job will be only open for today.
  Client: State of Minnesota Engagement Start Date: 2/23/2015Engagement
Completion Date: 6/30/2015Category: Enterprise/ Data Warehouse ArchitectPrimary
Location: St. Paul, MN 55108Engagement Description: MN.IT and the Office of
Higher Education (OHE) are in search of an EnterpriseData Warehouse Architect to
enhance their engagement in the creation of a data warehouse to improve OHE s
data access and reporting. MN.IT @ OHE are seeking an Architect with a balance
of Data Warehouse architecture design and experience working with educational
data to achieve statistical data analysis and reporting in a Windows and MS SQL
SERVER environment. The main reporting tool will be IBM SPSS Statistics. SPSS is
an integrated family of products that addresses the entire analytical process,
fr0m planning to data collection to analysis, reporting and deployment. The
candidate will act as the liaison between information technology and business
units, will be the lead in ensuring data accuracy, and will participate in
requirements and process meetings between project stakeholders, consisting of
MN.IT and OHE business staff and will facilitate in minimizing the disruption to
business during transition. The candidate will identify potential challenges and
opportunities early on in the project to allow for the proactive management of
these challenges and opportunities.   The candidate s main responsibilities
will be: * The creation of a data warehouse that contains educational related
data for the Office of Higher Education. * Assist in the definition of the
overall data warehouse architecture (e.g., ETL process, ODS). * Define technical
and data architectures for the data warehouse. * Direct the discovery process. *
Design and direct the information access and delivery effort for the data
warehouse. * Define and direct the implementation of security requirements for
the data warehouse. * Responsible for developing and maintaining a formal
description of the data and data structures - this can include data definitions,
data models, data flow diagrams, etc. (in short metadata). Data architecture
includes topics such as metadata management, business semantics, data modeling
and metadata workflow management. * Lead the normalization and naming standards
of the data fields in the data warehouse. * Document the project for knowledge
transfer to MN.IT support and OHE business staffs. * Prepare appropriate status
reports and submit it to management. * Develop and document both physical and
logical data models. * Develop and implement various work plans for the project.
Experience in educational data environments preferred.Additional Skill
Requirements: Skill or Experience # of Years Data warehouse sys design/stats &
rptg delivery 7 Microsoft SQL Serv 2008 RDBMS 5 SQL Serv Integration Srvs, TSQL,
SQL Serv Mgmt 5 Data modlg incl/relat dtbse design/normalizati/tun 5   Best
Regards Ankit kumar Sagwal IDC Technologies Inc. E-mail:
ankit.kumar@idctechnologies.com Phone: 408-457-9381 Ext. 4030 GTalk:
ankit121.rgtalent Ymgr: ankit_sagwal   -- -- The Most Active and Happening #1
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