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Jumat, 06 Februari 2015

{SAP JOBS USA:142452} Technical Writer - SFO,California - 6+ Months

Jumat, 06 Februari 2015

Hi, Please send profiles to naren@psitcorp.com - 214-295-5709Role : Technical
Writer Location : SFO,California Duration : 6+ Months   Job Description:  
Responsible for creating and writing various types of user documentation,
including how-to guides, references, manuals, cheat sheets, or instructions.  
Primary responsibilities   • Explain scientific and technical ideas in simple
language. • Write technical direction on product announcements, brochures for
road show. • Meet with customer representatives, vendors to establish
technical specifications. • Study drawings, specifications, mockups, and
product demos. • Create user documentation for a variety of material,
including how-to guides and instruction manuals. • Ensure technical verbiage
is easy to understand by the layperson. • Gather information on their subjects
in libraries and on the web. • Prepare charts, graphs, or forms to go along
with rough drafts. • Write articles and reports on current trends in fields
such as science with technical flavor. • Write clear and concise policies and
procedures. • Edit industrial publications. • Create table of contents and
cite sources. • Submit copies to managers for feedback. • Adjust copy as
necessary and proofread for grammar and spelling. • Follow a life cycle called
document development life cycle. • Release the document following final
approval. • Conduct online tutorials. • Provide updates and different
editions as necessary   -- -- The Most Active and Happening #1 ERP/SAP Jobs
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