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Selasa, 27 Januari 2015

Dotnet and Java job openings from Deloitte Hyderabad / Bangalore

Selasa, 27 Januari 2015

* Company: Deloitte    * Job Profile: .net/Java/Testing    * Candidate
Profile:Testing Business/Functional (Knowledge/Experience):• 1 to 10 yrs of
manual or automation testing experience.• Analyse and identify gaps in
functional/business requirement.• Write test scenarios, test cases or
automation test scripts.• Execute test cases/test scripts.• Experience of
defect logging, tracking and verifying defects.• Experience in managing test
environment and implementing builds.• Mentor other team members on
product/application features/functionality and domain.• Involve in knowledge
transfer to new team members.• Study the development scope and identify
components that need updates / rework.• Experience working in onsite/offshore
model.• Experience of performance/database testing will be an added
advantage.Technical Skills (Knowledge/Experience): (Include tools,
methodologies, processes)• Knowledge of any one of tools like QTP 10.0,
Quality Center, Rational Functional tester, Rational Quality Manager.•
Knowledge of Bugzilla / Test Director /Visual Studio Test Manager/Jira will be
an added advantage.• Knowledge of any of DBMS systems like SQL Server 2k5/2k8,
Oracle.JavaShould bestrong in OOPS concepts, Core Java, CollectionsShouldhave
experience in Web Technologies JSP2.0 and Servlets2.3 & JSTL1.2.Shouldhave
experience in JDBC and any OR mapping engines (Hibernate, iBatis etc.).Nice to
have JPA2.0Shouldhave knowledge on any one of web frameworks and Persistence
framework. Nice tohave Struts2.X/JSFNice tohave AJAX and various supporting
toolkits (richfaces etc.,)Abilityto develop JAXWS standard Web services to
expose and consume.Shouldhave on knowledge on EJB. Nice to have JMS, listeners
configuration, queueconfiguration etc.,Shouldhave experience on various
application server platforms and their supportingtools (Weblogic, Jboss and
Websphere etc.,)Abilityto write build/configuration scripts using Build tools
(Ant, Maven andscripting)Nice tohave knowledge on Batch scheduling techniques
(Quartz)Shouldhave experience on various design patternsShouldhave knowledge on
UML (Class, Sequence, Domain Model)Strongknowledge on RDBM concepts. Ability to
Write SQL with complex joins and shouldbe able to use database
functions.netShould be strong in OOPS concepts VB.net, C#.net, Collections,
Generics· Should have experience in Web Technologies ASP.net. Nice to have :
Silverlight· Should have experience in ADO.NET and any OR mapping engines
(NHibernate).· Should have knowledge on any one of web frameworks and
Persistence framework. Nice to have Struts2.X/JSF· Nice to have AJAX and
various supporting toolkit.· Ability to develop Web services and WCF to expose
and consume.· Should have on knowledge on Enterprise Library, CAB, SCSF. ·
Should have experience on IIS· Ability to write build/configuration scripts
using Build tools (Ant, MSBuild), MSI creation· Nice to have knowledge on VSTO,
OpenXML, NUnit, Static Code Analysis, VBA, WF, WPF, BizTalk, SharePoint ·
Should have experience on various design patterns & .NET patterns· Should have
knowledge on UML (Class, Sequence, Domain Model)· Strong knowledge on RDBM
concepts. Ability to Write SQL with complex joins, Stored Procedures and should
be able to use database functions. Use of SQL Server. Nice to have SSIS,
SSRSShould have knowledge on Configuration Tools (VSS, TFS, CVS)    *
Experience:1-10 yrs    * Contact Details:
chaitanya.referral@gmail.com     * Job
Location: Hyderabad/Mumbai/Bengaluru     * email

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